The skills found in the Building Growth can be attributed to the Construction Sector of New Anglia with them bringing a workforce of over 59,000 with some working outside of Norfolk and Suffolk bringing a £2.4 billion GVA (Gross Value Added) to help grow the Norfolk and Suffolk economy.


The Sector Skills Plan that the Construction Sector wishes to implement is a document developed by Building Growth in conjunction with a group of the community with the idea of Building more homes for people in Norfolk and Suffolk and increasing the amount of jobs available to reduce unemployment.

How To achieve the goals the Construction Sector have set themselves, they are doing three thing
  • They plan on providing people with training in construction to give them required skills
  • They plan on enhancing their public image to allow for better communication with businesses
  • They plan on increasing their workforce as well as appealing to younger people

For anyone wanting more information on this topic or wanting to get involved please contact Helen Clements Community Investment Advisor.

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