The Planning Working Group was set up to consider what innovations in planning across Norfolk and Suffolk might be adopted to make planning more effective in support of the objectives of the National Planning Policy Framework, and more efficient and streamlined in processing applications.

  • How regional scale planning matters can potentially be informed through the deployment of GIS based information technology to support market analysis and impact analyses of different infrastructure and land release options.
  • How more proactive early stage project engagement and briefing techniques might be adopted to develop masterplans for strategic projects that may ensure stakeholder buy-in and obviate challenge down the line, and ensure community requirements are built into development plans.
  • How effective design guidance can be put in place to help ensure high quality schemes emerge, and what role design review can play in delivering competitive places.

In order to support greater efficiencies in the processing of planning applications, Building Growth has worked with planning authorities, planning consultants working in East Anglia and with industry representatives to develop a Draft Planning Charter. The Working Group is hoping to identify resources to launch the Charter later in 2018, and to trial it with a number of local authorities.


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