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The Place, Land & Markets Working Group has been reviewing barriers to the delivery of strategic scale regeneration, urban & village extensions and new settlements across Norfolk and Suffolk. It has been looking at what innovations to established planning and delivery mechanisms could assist in the delivery of ‘the right development in the right place [NPPF].


This group aims to raise both the volumes and quality of built environment product that are delivered. It also aims to provide property and land market intelligence, through market outreach, to feed into the LEP’s broader decision-making process.


The group has been looking at what the characteristics of ‘place competitiveness’ are across the NALEP geography, and how Building Growth can interact with other sector groups to deliver a truly competitive place proposition to underpin investment and relocation into the two counties.


For further information of if you’re interested in getting involved, please contact:

Gail Mayhew -

New Anglia
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